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  1. Overview
  2. Command-Line Window
  3. Menu Items
  4. Keys
  5. Interactive Debugger
  6. Download the ZIP file, extract and run SETUP.EXE to install


The WebCLIPS Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is comprised of two parts. The command-line window and the interactive debugger. The command-line window has built-in extensions to the standard version of CLIPS that include invoking an editor for your programs and redirecting output to a browser.

The IDE makes use of the CLIPS DLL. For those developers who have written their own User-Defined functions, the IDE provides an interface for those functions.

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Command-Line Window

Command-Line extensions :

The (run-browser [n]) command works just like the CLIPS (run [n]) command except that the output will be appear in the application associated with the .htm extension. (usually a web-browser)

The (edit FileName) command invokes the default program (Wordpad on my computer) to edit programs from the command-line. This involves changing the default program for the extension you are using for your CLIPS programs (usually .clp). Please refer to Windows Help on how to do this.

The Output window is a read-only textbox. This means you can highlight some text (hold down the Left-Mouse button and drag) and copy the selected text to the Clipboard (Ctrl-C or Right-Click and choose Copy OR Choose Edit | Copy) from the menu.

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Menu Items

Under Options:

Under Edit:

Under Help:

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Interactive Debugger

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