A lot of thought went into making the code for WebCLIPS generally available. I have a couple of (small) requests for those who plan to use WebCLIPS under UNIX. I would like to remain in control of the distribution of other versions of WebCLIPS under UNIX. With this is mind :
  1. Please let me know your using WebCLIPS. A brief email telling me which OS and what you plan to use it for is all I ask.
  2. Please report any bugs to me and make the source for these fixes available. This way all can benefit.
  3. Please let me know of any ports to other versions of UNIX. Especially if they require any coding changes to get them to work. I would like to make these other versions available to all. Credit will be given to those individuals who port the code.
  4. Please make any enhancements available to me. If they make sense I would like to integrate into the general version.
Suggestions on improving WebCLIPS are always welcome.
Last modified : 31-Jul-2003
Michael Giordano